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Studio Workshop of Pihos & Lee

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Studio Workshop of Pihos & Lee

Okay, what do wood-workers do when they have a grand child?  Yep, we designed these series of So Tall Growth Charts . . . .

We wanted to present an elegant and fun way to keep a record of the growth of your children. These growth charts are timeless heirlooms and are great gift ideas for Baby Showers and even Grandparents.

Designed by Pihos and Lee, these are easily hung and removable. No more worries when you move, just take it with you and simply re-hang.

Each one is handmade from solid Cherry and Maple right in our workshop.  

Our traditional design comes with personalization (child’s name).  You can easily add another child’s name at any time ~ contact us and we will send you another one to affix.

Introductory Pricing - $65.00 plus S/H. (Size: 56” tall x 4” wide).   Your So Tall will come ready to hang. This introductory pricing includes 2 marking pens. Contact us for ordering details - +(301.777.0250)

So Tall Children’s Growth Chart

So Tall Children's Growth Chart So Tall Child Growth Chart