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Studio Workshop of Pihos & Lee

626 Greene Street  ~ Cumberland, MD 21502  ~

Studio Workshop of Pihos & Lee

We simply have a passion for wood.

It is important to us that the pieces we make are used day in and day out. We want our customers to interact and enjoy the wood as much as we do.

Peter and Terry (creators of 5 Year Wood) are ardent Woodworkers, Wood turners and specialty Engravers for over 15 years. Over this time, we have developed many unique pieces and some rather innovative techniques to visually enhance our work.

We started out years ago with an idea of designing and crafting special keepsakes called Cubes (over 4,000 individually designed to date) and it has grown to the many pieces here on our site and more.

The inlay and design techniques, utilizing a laser, learned in designing and manufacturing these custom Cubes has been  transferred to many of our 5 Year Wood products.

Working with a variety of renewable tree species (many of it local wood), as well as renewable exotics, our products and designs range from large fine furniture, turned items to many smaller wood pieces.  

We are only a handful of full time woodworkers who utilize laser technology. We teach classes to professional and hobby woodworkers on this subject. (

Our work has also been featured in “The Art of Hand Crafted Furniture” show at the Saville Gallery.  This show was by invitation only.